Software Development


Application architecture design »

When designing software, we draw on our many years of experience. Instead of anticipating different future options, we prefer a lightweight approach that allows for further development of the application architecture as needed. As business grows, software needs to adapt to new expectations. That is why we rely on tried and tested patterns and components while using state-of-the-art technologies.

data migration

Custom software development »

The need to quickly adapt IT solutions to business needs has made the agile approach prevalent in software production. For years we have been using the process that is followed by teams with solid background in software development. We deliver the user-requested functionality in short iterations (sprints) while ensuring uninterrupted operation of the production systems.

Quality assurance and software testing

Quality assurance and software testing »

The key element in our approach to quality assurance is making sure that we are creating the software that the customer wants. Only then do we focus on whether what we are building is being built in the best way possible.


Data migration »

Virtually every software running in an organization utilizes existing data which have been often collected for years. Migration can be just as complex as building a system from scratch. That’s why we start by defining clear objectives and criteria for completing data transfer.

quality assurance

Maintenance & development of third-party systems »

Taking care of a running production system is not just troubleshooting the faults or making it run as smoothly as possible. It’s about making sure it can evolve when faced with changing business expectations. That’s especially true of systems that have been in operation for several years which are crucial to the customer and could use some technological refurbishment. We give them the chance to continually adapt to the IT environment and expand their functions.



Altkom Inventive Meetings »

Based on the experience gained during numerous implementations and advisory projects, we have developed a methodology for searching for process improvements or finding new solutions or products. We use it in projects for financial sector companies which are especially looking for innovative technological and business solutions.

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Requirements Analysis »

Rather than just describing users’ expectations, the requirements analysis helps us understand a given issue. In this way, we are prepared to anticipate or recommend to our Customers different variants of the solution, which makes the software development process a partnership cooperation. Our requirements analysis includes:

  • describing business processes,
  • collecting requirements and usage scenarios,
  • User Experience Analysis.

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cloud computing

Cloud computing »

The popularization of cloud services opens up new opportunities of building application solutions. It even encourages the migration of currently used systems in order to reap the benefits of cloud computing. We are happy to assist our Customers in:

  • preparing cloud strategies,
  • utilizing serverless architecture,
  • managing cloud services,
  • migrating to the cloud.

Software audits »

From building software, we know where mistakes tend to happen. We share this experience with our Customers. We point out the difficulties, but also suggest how to overcome them. We are happy to engage in projects involving verification of:

  • software architecture,
  • solution performance,
  • application security.
support in project management

Project Management Support »

Any change in the organization is in fact a project that requires the right structure and the involvement of all stakeholders.
We have taken up various roles in dozens of software deployment projects. Our Customers appreciate our experience and efficiency in managing these projects. We help them organize project support in the form of PMO.


Digital Product Center


White Label

Our Customers


Thanks to projects in many countries of Western Europe and in the United States, we have become familiar with various management and accounting models used in health insurance. We have built solutions for a whole range of non-life (P&C) and life insurance products. Our systems support sale of policies, claims settlement, assistance and customer service.
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Our solutions also support sale of financial products and transactional customer service. Both online banking and product market are key solutions in all digital banking.
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city bank
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We work with a variety of companies

that strive to build their competitive edge through dedicated, unique technological solutions. We build software from scratch. We take care of and upgrade applications that support our customers’ business.
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