Second architectural opinion audit

Are you digitizing your processes?
Are you deploying a new system?
Are you implementing a unique technology?

Have all changes in the architecture been taken into consideration?

Have any significant risks been omitted?

Proactively identify potential problems and improvement opportunities!

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first Second architectural opinion audit
Purpose of the audit
Independent experts’ opinion on the architectural concept.
What problem audit solve?
Early discovery of problems and areas requiring improvement.
(up to 500,000 lines of code)
Scope of audit
1. Solution’s scalability
2. Modularity and openness for changes
3. Development process
4. Deployment process
5. Applied technologies from the perspective of correctness and validity of their use.
Scope of report for the Client
Objective assessment of the solution’s architecture in the analyzed areas from items 1-5.
Recommending optimizations in accordance with the indicated architectural drivers (performance, availability, security, privacy, disaster recovery, UX & accessibility, auditability, flexibility, extensibility, maintainability, portability, internalization etc).
Our requirements
Insight into the concept’s documentation.
Access to the main architect of the system or another competent person.
Lead time
3–5 days
Auditor’s competences
System architect with at least 5 years of experience in designing and implementing enterprise-class systems. Experience in working with international projects and teams.

* Depending on the system’s complexity, lead time and price may be subject to change.

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