Migration to microservices audit

Have you decided to switch to microservices architecture?
Are you preparing a migration plan?
Do you face choosing the best scenario?

Will the transformation benefit your company?

What is the optimum method of carrying it out?

See what challenges you face!

audit microservices

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first Migration to microservices audit
Purpose of the audit
Assessing the system’s readiness for transition to microservices architecture.
What problem audit solve?
Presenting potential benefits from migration and an initial action plan.
(up to 500,000 lines of code)
Scope of audit
1. Domain complexity
2. Degree of modularization of the existing code
3. Technological debt
4. Test coverage
5. Automating the CI/CD process.
Scope of report for the Client
Objective assessment of the solution’s architecture in the analyzed areas from items 1-5.
Proposed migration plan (if the readiness level allows it).
Our requirements
Insight into the system’s technical documentation.
Access to the system’s runtime environments.
Access to the main architect of the system or another competent person.
Lead time
3–5 days
Auditor’s competences
System architect with at least 5 years of experience in designing and implementing enterprise-class systems. Experience in working with international projects and teams.

* Depending on the system’s complexity, lead time and price may be subject to change.

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