Performance audit

Are you scaling your business?
Are you investing in increasing the number of customers and transactions?
Do you have a performance problem?

How to ensure good performance of your systems?

Will they support more users and a greater amount of data?

Make sure that nothing surprises you!

audit performance

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first Performance audit
Purpose of the audit
Assessing applications from the perspective of supporting planned business growth (of the number of users, transactions, queries etc).
What problem audit solve?
Identifying performance bottlenecks and presenting suggested improvements.
Middle-sized (up to 500,000 lines of code).
Scope of audit
1. Conducting performance tests: capacity tests, stress tests, soak tests.
2. Analyzing the solution’s scalability and applied technologies for correctness and validity of their use.
Scope of report for the Client
Results of the listed types of performance tests.
Recommending optimizations – identifying the solution’s elements which cause problems, and proposing optimizations.
Our requirements
Insight into technical documentation.
Access to the system’s runtime environments.
Access to the main architect of the system or another competent person.
Lead time
3–5 days.
Auditor’s competences
System architect with at least 5 years of experience in designing and implementing enterprise-class systems. Experience in working with international projects and teams.

* Depending on the system’s complexity, lead time and price may be subject to change.

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