Probably you can avoid at least 30 % of your cloud cost.

Book free of charge AWS Cloud Cost Optimization Audit based on the FinOps practices
and find out where your money is leaking.

  • Average saving 30 %;
  • First cost optimization results possible within 14 days;
  • Minimum engagement for your IT team;
  • Guarantee of your data security

Stop wasting money in the cloud.
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Why we do it?

We believe in the cloud being a complete business transformation moving companies to a higher level while reducing time, costs and assuring certainty, stability, and reliability. Numerous statistics show the growing popularity of the cloud, but also an increase in cloud spending.  It can lead to a misleading belief that the cloud is expensive. We debunk this myth because we know that the cloud is only expensive if it’s not properly managed.  We offer free-of-charge audit to help companies start building a cloud cost optimization strategy and discover cloud cost-saving opportunities.

Why we? Simply because we know:

  • how to find potential reduction of monthly AWS bills
  • where to find the sources of unnecessary cloud expenditures
  • what are the AWS Cost Optimization Best Practices
  • what are the best FinOps practices for managing cloud spending.

How will you benefit from AWS Cloud Cost Optimization Audit?

The AWS Cloud Cost Optimization Audit will provide AWS Cost Optimization Best Practices to your company. Through detailed cost checkpoints analysis, we will identify the optimum configuration of your cloud environment that meets business, cost, availability, and performance requirements. You will receive the report of historical and current AWS spending along with the cloud cost optimization roadmap that will help you achieve a strategic cost savings goal. All this within up to five days depending on the size and complexity of your AWS cloud infrastructure.

Average saving 30 %

Average savings 30 %

Over 30 cost checkpoints verified

Over 30 cost chceckpoints verified

FinOps operating model for the cloud

FinOps operating model for the cloud

FinOps operating model for the cloud

The AWS Cloud Cost Optimization Audit follows the FinOps operating model for the cloud that consists of 3 iterative phases. Our team will go through the first round of the FinOps lifecycle to provide insights and recommendations for your company.


Establishing baselines (Visibility & Allocation):
AWS Cloud Cost discovery workshops
Optimization assessment
Analysis of potential savings

Optimizing rates and usage patterns (Utilization):

Reports and recommendations


Driving operations to the right balance of cost efficiency and business value (Continuous Improvement & Operations):
Cloud cost optimization roadmap

A natural step after completion of the AWS Cloud Cost Optimization Audit is recommendation implementation. You can perform all of the recommended tasks by yourself just after receiving our report. You can also decide to keep working with our team throughout the cloud cost optimization roadmap.

We can help you by:

AWS Cost Optimization Workshop

Providing AWS Cloud Cost Optimization workshops for your team

Implementing AWS Cloud Cost Optimization recommendations

Implementing AWS Cloud Cost Optimization recommendations

Delivering ongoing FinOps services

Delivering ongoing FinOps services


Discover cloud cost-saving opportunities through free of charge audit.