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Software House ASC creates specialized software for Customers from the banking industry, insurance, telecommunications, goods of high-speed consumer, government, large business enterprises. We also produce complete software solutions with the ability to customize and adapt to Customer requirements. We use different and advanced technologies and programming languages – those, that give the most optimal effect in the form of time costs, efficiency or ergonomics of use.

Below we provide links and tags that will help you identify the needs for specialized software creation, consulting, outsourcing, etc.



Products ASC


White Label

insurance core system for life and non-life insurance

Digital Product Center

a process platform for selling banking products


progressive digital banking system


IT solutions


Altkom Inventive Meetings

innovative technological and business solutions for the companies from financial sector

Requirements Analysis

IT solutions in the field of software and business processes

Software Development & Consulting

Software House Altkom S&C


Tags: Software developerIT developerIT solutionsIT consultingIT outsourcing

agency management software
software for insurance agents
agency software inc
Altkom Agile Analysis
altkom s&c
altkom sc
altkom software & consulting
altkom software and consulting
ams agency management system
android insurance systems
api insurance system
application design
application programming
ASC altkom
assistance software
assistance software provider
auto insurance software
auxiliary ledger insurance
back office activities
back office bank
back office department
back office front office
back office functions in a bank
back office in banking sector
back office operations in banks
back office to front office
back office work in banks
Back-end and front-end software for insurance
back-end insurance
Bank mortgage system
Bank product sales service
banking product sales platform
banking products center
banking software
banking software provider
banking system producer
best agency management software
best agency management system
Best Claims Management Software
best insurance agency broker management software
best insurance agency management systems
best insurance agency software
best insurance software
best mobile sales software for insurance
bpm platform
bpmn platform
broker management system
business application provider
business applications
Business Consulting
business insurance solutions
business model software
business process automation
business process modeling
business process software
business processes automation
business programs
business software
business software provider
business software solutions
business software vendor
business system producer
business system provider
calculation engine for insurance
Calculation engine for Insurance + quotation engine + auxiliary ledger
call center platform
call center platform provider
call center software
call center software provider
call center solution
call center solution provider
call center system
call center system provider
camunda in Poland
car insurance software
cirrus Bank
claims software
client management software for insurance agents
cloud based insurance software
Cloud IT solutions
cloud solutions
commercial insurance software
comparison of the best it providers for insurance
comparison of the best it systems for insurance
complex IT solutions
computer program
computer software
consulting it
Core Insurance System
core insurance system white label
core system
creating specifications of analytical requirements
creation of dedicated software
crm system
custom applications
custom development for insurance
custom programs
custom software
custom software development
customer service software
customer service software provider
customer service support platform
damage settlement software
data migration
data transfer
debt recovery support insurance
debt recovery support insurance system
dedicated applications for companies
dedicated custom software
dedicated IT solutions
dedicated IT systems
dedicated programming services
dedicated programs for companies
dedicated software
dedicated software for companies
dedicated software for insurance companies
dedicated software for insurers
dedicated software provider
dedicated solutions for mortgage banks
design and development services
develop insurance core system
development services
digital banking
digital banking platform
digital banking platform provider
digital banking provider
digital banking solution provider
digital banking system
Digital insurance software
digital market
digital product center
document management software for insurance companies
e-banking solution provider
efficient online business processes
electronic banking
electronic banking manufacturer
electronic banking provider
End-to-end insurance solution
end-to-end insurance system
erp class systems
erp system
Experienced consultancy advisor, vendor, supplier
front and back office
front and back office systems
front back office
front office
front office and back office
front office back office
front office banking
front office business
front office details
front office development
front office information system
front office it
front office system
front-end insurance
general insurance software
general insurance software solutions
group insurance software
health insurance broker software
health insurance software
health insurance software products
health insurance software solutions
healthcare insurance software
home insurance software
implementation of the central system in a postal tune
implementation of the central system in poultry
implementation of the central system in ptuw
implementation of the central system in the postal insurance company
implementation of the tuwp central system
in front of the office
in front office
in the front office
independent insurance agency software
Independent Software Vendor
innovations in insurance
innovative it solutions
innovative workshops for insurance
insurance accounting software
insurance administration software
Insurance Agency Development
insurance agency management inc
insurance agency management software
insurance agency software
insurance agency software comparison
insurance agency software systems
insurance agency system
insurance agent client management software
insurance agent portal software
insurance billing software
insurance broker management system
insurance broker software
insurance broker software solutions
insurance broker solution
insurance broker solution system
insurance broker system
insurance broking management software
insurance business software
Insurance Business Solutions
insurance central system
Insurance claims module/system
insurance client management software
insurance comparison software
Insurance Core Software
insurance core system
insurance custom software
Insurance debt collection support
insurance document management software
insurance end-2-end
Insurance end-2-end system
insurance end-to-end
Insurance end-to-end system
Insurance end-to-end system, end-2-end
insurance estimating software
insurance industry software
insurance industry software solutions
Insurance IT systems transition and maintenance
insurance lead management software
insurance management software
Insurance management solutions
insurance management system
insurance management system project modules
insurance management system software
insurance management systems
insurance marketing software
insurance multiagency system
Insurance MVP system
insurance policy administration software
insurance policy management software
insurance policy software
insurance pro agency management system
insurance program
insurance provider
insurance quoting software
Insurance Sales Front End
insurance sales software
insurance services system
insurance software
Insurance software / Insurance IT solutions
insurance software applications
insurance software as a service
Insurance Software Cloud
insurance software companies
insurance software developer
Insurance software house
insurance software market
Insurance Software Pay as you use
insurance software products
insurance software programs
insurance software provider
insurance software providers
Insurance Software SaaS
insurance software sales
Insurance Software Software-as-a-Service
Insurance Software Solutions
insurance software system
insurance software vendor
insurance software vendors
insurance solution provider
Insurance Support Services
insurance system
insurance system benchmark
insurance system modules
insurance system provider
insurance systems
insurance tracking system
Insurance Underwriting Software
insurance underwriting software comparison
Insurance white label system
Internet banking
Internet banking application provider
Internet banking applications
Internet banking manufacturer
Internet banking platform provider
Internet banking provider
Internet banking solution provider
Internet banking system provider
IT company
IT consulting
IT developer
IT outsourcing
IT product design
IT services
IT services for business
IT services for the financial industry
IT services for the insurance industry
IT software for insurance
IT solution provider
IT solution supplier
IT solutions
IT solutions for banks
IT solutions for business
IT solutions for insurance companies
IT solutions provider for banks
IT solutions provider for insurance companies
IT systems for companies
IT Transition
java insurance systems
java programming
Jobs for Programmers
latest technologies and solutions
life and non-life insurance solution
Life and non-life insurance solutions
Life and non-life/P&C insurance system
life insurance agency management software
life insurance management system
life insurance policy administration software
life insurance software
life insurance software for agent
life insurance software products
life insurance software solutions
life insurance software vendor
life insurance systems software
life insurance underwriting software
list of the best it providers for insurance
list of the best it systems for insurance
maintenance and development of it systems
managing agent insurance
manufacturer of business applications
manufacturer of digital banking
manufacturer of mobile applications
manufacturer of mobile banking
manufacturer of mobile banking application
manufacturer of specialized software
mobile application
mobile application provider
mobile banking
mobile banking application provider
mobile banking applications
mobile banking platform
mobile banking platform producer
mobile banking platform provider
mobile banking provider
mobile banking software
mobile banking software producer
mobile banking solution
mobile banking solution producer
mobile banking solution provider
mobile banking system
mobile banking system supplier
modern front-end sales
Modern insurance sales front-end
modular insurance system
modular life insurance system
modular property insurance system
modular system for agricultural insurance
modular system for personal insurance
modular system of automobile insurance
mortgage banking
motor insurance software
moving from back office to front office
multi-channel sales processes in the Bank
new technology
office front
omnichannel in the sale of banking products
online application processing system
online banking platform provider
online insurance management system
online insurance software
online insurance system
online sales system of banking products
outsourcing it
custom software development company
the software house
software house poland
internet software house
software development center
p&c insurance software
p&c insurance software products
P&C IT system
p&c software
P&C/property&casualty IT system
parameterizer of insurance products
pay as you use software
phone applications
Policy administration system
policy management and administration system
policy management software
pricing software as a service
process engine
producer of assistance software
producer of banking software
producer of business software
producer of call center platform
producer of call center software
producer of customer service software
producer of damage control software
producer of digital banking platform
producer of e-banking solutions
producer of insurance software
producer of insurance systems
producer of internet banking application
producer of Internet banking platform
producer of Internet banking solutions
producer of IT solutions
producer of IT solutions for banks
producer of it solutions for insurance companies
producer of mobile banking platform
producer of mobile banking solutions
producer of software for banks
producer of software for insurance companies
producer of software for legal entities of commercial
producer of software for sales of financial products
producer of software for the insurance sector
producer of software for the sale of insurance products
producer of software for the sale of policies
producer of software to order
producer of specialized software
producer of systems for banks
producer of systems for insurance companies
producer of systems for sale in digital channels
producer of the call center system
producer of the digital banking system
producer of the electronic banking system
producer of the insurance system
producer of the internet banking system
producer of the mobile banking system
producer of the mortgage banking system
producer programs for sales in digital channels
producerof call center solutions
product market
professional indemnity insurance software developers
program for a multi insurance agency
program for insurance company Agency
program for selling digital channels
project management
property & casualty it system
property and casualty insurance software
property and casualty IT system
property and casualty software
property casualty insurance software
property casualty software
property insurance software
property&casualty IT system
protection of mortgage bonds
provider of a mobile banking system
provider of dedicated software
provider of mobile banking software
Quick/Fast policy sales system
quota system
quotation engine insurance
ranking of the best IT suppliers for insurance
ranking of the best IT systems for insurance
Reliable insurance IT partner
requirements analysis
rwd insurance systems
saas service
saas service provider
sales agent management system
sales automation
sales process software
sales software
sales software insurance
selling software as a service
soft collection for insurance
Soft collection/Debt recovery support
software & consulting
software and consulting
software audit
software customer
software design
software development
software engineering
software for banks
software for banks, insurances, company
software for business
software for commercial entities
Software for insurance agents
software for insurance agents and brokers
Software for insurance agents/brokers, multiagents
Software for insurance brokers
software for insurance companies
Software for insurance multiagents
software for life insurance
software for selling financial products
software for selling insurance products
software for selling policies
software for the financial sector
software for the insurance sector
software house
software house białystok
software house Gdansk
software house Krakow
software house lublin
software house łódź
software house Warsaw
software house Wroclaw
software liability insurance
software maintenance
software producer
software producer for the financial sector
software provider
software provider for banks
software provider for commercial entities
software provider for insurance companies
software provider for the insurance sector
software provider for the sale of financial products
software provider for the sale of insurance products
software provider with many years of experience
software supplier for the financial sector
software supplier on request
software tester
software testing
software vendor
software vendor for selling policies
software-as-a-service software
solution producer, digital banking
specialized business applications
specialized software to order
street 51 Warsaw
supplier of banking system, banking services
supplier of computer software
supplier of insurance software
supplier of software for sale in digital channels
supplier of systems for sale in digital channels
supplier of the banking system
supplier of the digital banking system
supplier of the internet banking system
support for debt collection processes
support in project management
support of business processes in the bank
system development plan
system for handling damages and benefits
system for insurance agents and brokers
system for policy management and administration
system insurance
System maintenance
system provider for insurance companies
systems for insurance companies
systems for sale in digital channels
systems provider for banks
takeover and maintenance of it systems
Technology Consulting
The best complex insurance solution
The best complex insurance solution (RWD, mobile)
the best complex insurance solution RWD
the best comprehensive solution for insurance
the front office
top 10 best it providers for insurance
top 10 best it systems for insurance
user experience
warsaw trade tower
web based insurance agency software
white label
White Label – Insurance core (end-2-end) system
white label system
work for analysts
work for testers
work IT
wtt building


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